Nomad Science Inc.

Nomad Science Inc. willing provide equipment for collecting observation data using ARGOS satellite system, and aim to develop our business not only for national interest but also for environmental protection of the whole earth.

Business Overview: ARGOS system compatible equipment development, manufacturing, and sales. Geostationary satellite data collection system device development, design, manufacturing and System integration consulting. And wireless data collection system design.


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ARGOS Direction Finder & Data Receiver  ADF-1

ARGOS Direction Finder & Data Receiver

ARGOS Direction Finder & Data Receiver antenna

ARGOS Direction Finder (ADF-1) is composed a ARGOS receiver and an antenna system.

(1): LED indicate direction of ARGOS radio waves.

(2): LCD indicate of the ARGOS transmitted data.

(3): All ARGOS frequency bands are covered in 5kHz steps.

(4): A low noise amplifier prepare for correct coaxial cable loss between an antenna system and ARGOS receiver.

(5): Power supply is 5x Alkaline D-cell battery.

ARGOS Checker  NRC401-1

ARGOS Checker

ARGOS Checker LCD panel

ARGOS checker (NRC401-1) is Handheld ARGOS transmitting checker.

(1): LCD able to indicate ARGOS ID (HEX) number, Frequency and Transmitting data.

(2): ARGOS frequency setup method is selectable, auto signal scanning or direct input.

(3): Also able to store 1000 data internal memory.

(4): Body is water proof.

ARGOS Drifting Buoy (Bottle Type)  GPS-ARGOS ATX-1

ARGOS Drifting Buoy

【Technical Specifications】

Transmitter Interval : Approx. 120 sec (by ARGOS)

Transmission data : GPS data

Transmission operating time : 6h/times × 2times/day, Use 2 of 4 slots

Transmission time : 00:00 - 06:00 , 12:00 - 24:00 GMT


Operation : every 5 min after power-on thereafter

Time required for reception : First time and maximum 40 seconds Normally about 8 seconds (hot standby)


Power supply : 7.2 VDC, 6 C-size Li-ion batteries (2 in serial, 3 parallel)

Power suplly capacity : 17.4A  / Operating life : 180 days or more

Dimensions : Φ95 × 310 (mm)